The Syndicat d’Initiative is responsible for a wide range of activities, which take place over the course of the year. Its main task lies in the promotion of Remich and the attraction of visitors to the city. In order to achieve this, the Syndicat d’Initiative puts special emphasis on costumer service ranging from the provision of information and advice to the reception of visitors. The Syndicat continues to organize a wide range of events throughout the high season which have left a mark in Remich over the last few years such as the Oldtimer meeting in Stadtbredimus which takes place on the second Sunday of July, the popular Bacchus event on 15th of August or the Santa Claus on boat events during the festive season.

One of Remich’s main attractions is the Mini-Golf course along the village’s esplanade. The latter ranks among the largest Mini-Golf courses in the Greater Region and is run by the Syndicat d’Initiative. Since 2009, a 250m long Mini-Car racetrack has been added to the village’s attractions. In April 2016, a fountain in the shape of a self-supporting water tap completed the look of the Mini-Golf and Mini-Cars site. Since its inauguration, the water tap fountain has been photographed countless times.