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Walking and Hiking Trails

  • Heedbaach Trail

    This trail runs along the esplanade through the 'Heedbaach' into the forests of Remich and is suitable for beginners.

    Esplanade, Lustgarten, small wooden bridges in the 'Heedbaach', Neie Wee, Impasse St. François

  • Forest Trail

    The forest trail runs through the old alleys up until the 'Gewännchen' site through Remich's forest into Stadtbredimus. On the way back from Stadtbredimus, the trail follows along the esplanade up until the castle in the 'Buschland'.

    Napoléonshout, Weiher 'Éitzpoul', small wooden bridges in the 'Heedbaach', Lustgarten, Esplanade

  • Vineyard Trail

    The vineyard trail runs through the 'Maachergaass' alley along the 'Wäschbuer' fountain into the vineyards. Here, the trail runs up towards the viewpoint 'Scheierbierg' which offers a fantastic, panoramic view over Remich.

    Maachergaass, Ruelle des Tanneurs, Wäschbuer, viewpoint 'Scheierbierg', Institut Viti-Vinicole, church, Neie Wee

  • Culture Trail

    The culture trail runs through Remich's old alleys and along the city's old buildings. This trail is particularly interesting for those interested in historical buildings and Remich's past.

    Piirtchen, Maachergaass, Al Schoul, Esplanade, Bacchus fountain, Porte St. Nicolas, church, Brill park

  • Héichwaasser Trail

    The approximately 1 km long Moselle trail tells the story of Remich's historic floods. Various panels explain the Moselle's development over the last century to the reader and allow the reader to study the latter on specific photographs.

  • Hiking Trail

    The hiking trail guides the wanderer through Remich's old alleys onto the national hiking trail 'Sentier de la Moselle' leading through the vineyards up to the top 'Goldbierg'. The return to the departure point runs through Remich's forest.

  • Tour de la Mémoire

    The approximately 2 km tour is following the trails of Remichs’ Holocaust victims. The trail runs through the historic center of Remich past the houses where Holocaust victims and survivors once lived. Each survivor and each victim receive a so-called ‘Stolperstein’ designed by the German artist Gunter Demnig.

  • Lauschtour

    "Psst - Lauschtouren Miselerland"

    An audio guide application!

    Experience in an interactive and participative way many attractions of the region with an authentic touch!

    Download the free application "Lauschtour-APP" and experience this revealing journey.

    Lauschtour Remich:
    From the Moselle promenade “Esplanade” – the main boulevard of Remich – we stroll through the labyrinth of small alleyways and up to the church. You will discover the smallest wineyard in the Upper Moselle, how Remich unintentionally became the “Venice of the Moselle”, and much more besides…

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